Each dog has its working day. Even greyhounds who get up into the greater grades have slumps. They begin to fade in the stretch and arrive in farther and farther again in the pack. Often, the bettors get drained of watching their “sure thing” slip again because the finish line methods.

They “go away them” and cease using them in combinations. This makes sense, but there is something else they ought to be doing and so they extremely hardly ever do it. They ought to be keeping track with the dog’s times in individuals races exactly where it cannot maintain up using the higher class dogs.

Extremely often, times in greater quality races, even for that dogs that shed, are a lot faster than the subsequent decrease quality lower. So, what is going to occur when this dog finally loses often sufficient to drop a quality? Or two? I can tell you what is going to occur.

The individuals who acquired burned on it when it was in the greater quality are going to look at its newest races and see that it could not maintain up and stored fading away from contention. They are going to determine that this dog is around the downward spiral and is not value considering.

Now, for several dogs, once they begin dropping lower in quality, it’s an indication that they are due for any relaxation. If you look at their times, they are just not up to their usual pace. But, if you see a dog that looks like it is going away from type, but has fast times in a greater quality, it might just be that the competitors is as well a lot for it in that greater quality, not that it is truly going away from type.

This will be the kind of dog that may spend extremely nicely in unique bets when it drops a quality. Use it in quinielas and trifectas. It is often at fairly great odds, even if it’s one with the four lowest odds dogs. This may return some nice payoffs in exotics. The bottom line is the fact that this is really a great dog to use in your totally free trifecta system bets.

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