Sit N Go Technique – Significance of Position

Understanding the principles behind position and how you can use them to your advantage is really a essential element towards the fundamental SNG technique. You listen to a great deal of individuals saying “I was in position” or “I had position on you”. This really is because position means leverage. That is a statement value repeating. Position means leverage. By realizing this and having a powerful understand of your ideas of using position to your favor, you will turn out to be a smarter player.

Position refers to exactly where you are seated on the table in reference towards the dealer. The proper position permits you to collect intelligence concerning the stregnth or weakness of your other player’s hands. Knowledge is essential and being in the proper position at the proper time means leverage. In a recreation of limited constants, you require all of your leverage you can get.

You will find 3 elements to position: Earlier, Center, and Delayed. The principles you discover about position are extremely essential in the earlier stages of an SNG tournament. As you will discover later, the earlier stages of the tournament are instrumental to your abilty to building your technique for that delayed stages of your tournament. Using position principles earlier, you will assist to save lots of, and also construct your stack.

Early Position

Being in “early position” in the beginning stages of the 9 player SNG tournament is really a hazard zone. If you are any of your initial 3 players towards the still left of your dealer, you are in “early position”. In this position you are one of your initial to act which lands you in a “danger zone” so far as knowledge. Betting from an early position could be extremely dangerous, particularly in the earlier stages.

Middle Position

Players 4-6 towards the still left of your dealer in a 9 player SNG are stated to become in “Middle Position”. In the middle position you are able to accumulate some information concerning the stregnth of your hand in comparrison towards the early position players but you will find nonetheless a number of to act right after you. The middle position isn’t almost as scary as being earlier, but nonetheless a nerve racking position to become in. In the earlier stages of the SNG tournament, I prefer to mix each earlier and late position into a hazard zone that I do not play numerous hands in any respect.

Late Position

If you are in the 7th thru 9th position towards the still left of your dealer you are stated to become in “late position”. This is really a great place to become, particularly if you have much less than a ideal hand. Bluffing turns into simpler to pull off from these positions. Stealing the blinds turns into a chance. The vast majority of your hands you play ought to be played in the “late position”.


Regardless of whether you are playing a 6 or 9 player SNG, position is essential to a solid technique for winning. Usually be conscious of your player position prior to making a wager. On the exact same time, maintain an eye on the players who do bet often from earlier or middle positions. This is really a signal of the weaker player of which you ought to be able to manipulate into turning more than their stack.

Position will probably be referred to a great deal in this guide so make certain you a agency understand of this information prior to moving on.

The essential to winning SNGs consistently is leverage. Knowledge means leverage. A eager consciousness of position means knowledge.

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