Halftime Bet Game Ideas


A ‘halftime’ bet is really a bet that’s developed during the halftime of a pointspread sport. The spread is usually dependent upon what occurred during the primary fifty percent with the occasion. There are numerous angles that may be used to play these bet kinds.

How are these lines developed?

Oddsmakers, just like the gamblers they cater to, view the video games the assign halftime lines on. Even though you will find some set equations to which oddsmakers must depend on, the vast majority of halftime lines rely around the complete sport line. When a group is favored by 7 points in a football sport, and this kind of a group is winning by 3 points by halftime, the usual halftime line could be set across the complete sport (anyplace from -3.5 to -4.5). As this write-up will show, although, you will find some lines which are fishy and are set to dupe the average gambler.

Fishy lines

As in the instance previously, if a football group is favored by 7 points and is leading by 3 points in the fifty percent, and also the halftime line is -4.5 for this kind of a group, then the gambler must be produced conscious of this kind of a fishy line. Following watching the primary fifty percent of a sport, how numerous times does one really feel, “why didn’t I bet on this group?” As soon as the 2nd fifty percent line arrives out (like the instance over), and one is provided a chance to bet, what would the average bettor bet on? The obvious solution could be the group leading in the fifty percent, but much more often times than not, this group loses against the spread (ATS), if not the sport. Bets which are ‘too easy’ usually are and don’t win.

Reading halftime lines

Some halftime lines are simple to study and may be exploited if played accordingly. Some examples include:

If a group is favored to win the total sport, but doesn’t cover the primary fifty percent ATS, but continues to be leading in the fifty percent, play this kind of a group in the 2nd fifty percent.
Play against a football group in the 2nd fifty percent if they’re being outrushed and possess the decrease possession time in the primary fifty percent.
Play against the ‘hot’ shooting group (>65%) if they’re tied or barely beating their opposition.
If the primary fifty percent was abnormally higher scoring, think about the beneath for that 2nd fifty percent (and vice-versa).


In closing, the halftime line is devised from the total sport in consideration with the initial fifty percent outcomes of an occasion.

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