Greyhound Handicapping – Why I Will not Bet On This Dog

Not lengthy in the past, at Palm Seaside Greyhound Park, I handicapped a race and was watching the odds with ten minutes to post. The dog I picked to win was a preferred, but only by just a little because there was a 2nd dog in this Grade A race who was also well-liked using the crowd.Once the odds came up, my dog was at 3-2 and also the other dog was at 2-1. I believed it was fairly most likely that they’d be the quiniela, so I hoped the odds would go up on one or each of them prior to the race. Nevertheless, instead of that happening, the odds stored flipping backwards and forwards, favoring initial one dog after which the other. It was as if the group just could not fairly make up its mind about which of these two dogs was the very best.However it was also obvious the crowd believed one of them would win and that is what bothered me. The Palm Seaside punters are fairly great at picking winners and so they could not determine between the two. So, I believed, do I truly wish to place my money on one of them, at this kind of very low odds, once they had been so evenly matched? I believed about it, but at a minute to post time when my dog was at 1-9 and also the other dog was at 3-2, I made the decision to sit down this race out. I watched as they battled all the way about the track with my dog in the lead, only to become passed in the final 2nd by the other favorite’s nose. They had been the quiniela, which compensated all of $4.20.The winner compensated peanuts. Not sufficient to threat two bucks on the win bet to my mind. I was extremely glad I sat it out and produced a psychological be aware to myself. When two dogs are at extremely very low odds and also the odds flip backwards and forwards between them, it is a great race to look at, but to not bet on. Not except I’ve a extremely powerful cause for betting the dog I choose.Making money in the dog track is all about weighing the dangers against the probable rewards of your wagers. Handicapping is simpler if you know in advance which scenarios to steer clear of because of their damaging threat to reward ratio. This two dog situation went into my playbook together with other scenarios I’ve discovered to steer clear of through the years. I will be writing about a few of them in long term handicapping content articles.

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