Greyhound Handicapping – What Category is Your Track?

The initial thing most handicappers discover will be the grading system that tracks use to match dogs in races. It makes sense, because it divides the dogs into groups with comparable abilities and speeds. That way, we do not have truly fast dogs (Quality A) running against truly gradual dogs (D)!

Although it might certainly be simpler to bet if A dogs ran against D dogs, it is no method to run pace contests and would not be extremely interesting to observe both. So, when you observe an A race, you know which the dogs are the extremely best which the track has to provide.

But what would occur if a Quality A dog from Sanford ran against a Quality A dog from Derby Lane? Which dog do you think would possess the advantage? The Derby Lane dog, needless to say. Everyone understands that Derby Lane will be the greatest track in the US.

Its dogs are the extremely best you’ll find anyplace, besides for a extremely couple of dogs from other higher quality tracks. That is why the odds are so reduced on dogs that ship in from a greater caliber track to a decrease one. Raynham dogs shipping into Twin River get bet down, for instance.

If you play much more than one track, it is essential that you have some concept from the caliber from the ones you play. It is not difficult to determine. Look on the times from the races. Look on the handle and also the attendance data. Over all, look at how several A and B races they’ve, versus C and D races.

Understand that different category tracks call for different kinds of bets. Do not get locked into one way of looking at all of the tracks. Adjust your handicapping technique to match the track you’re playing and you’ll do a fantastic deal better at picking winners.

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