1. 03.16.11

    Betting Tycoon Evaluation – Horse Racing Betting Systems Evaluation

    Are you interested to find out much more about how the Betting Tycoon horse racing betting system functions? This is truly a manual that apparently teaches its users how you can beat the bookies’ along with other punters’ logic. It’s primarily based on audio statistics and evaluation of numbers instead of relying as well significantly on luck to generate money. With this examined and confirmed horse betting system, I’m now able to generate an income from your racing markets by applying easy and logical mathematics and evaluation on a quantity of horse racing factors. 1. How will be the Horse Racing Betting System, Betting Tycoon Produced? This system functions on a Read more...

  2. 03.13.11

    Gradual Improvement with the Parimutuel Horse Betting System

    The procedure with the parimutuel system acquired again been improved. The software of electrical energy acquired speeded the procedure beyond perception, and several observers believed that Oiler, Ekberg, and Julius acquired perfected the totalisator. But other names had been however to arrive. In the us the parimutuel was having a stormy existence in what seemed to become eternal clashes with its arch enemy the bookmaker. The initial American bookmaker of any consequence was James E. Kelley. In 1871 he produced a winter guide around the forth-coming Belmont Stakes to become run at Jerome Park in New York. Two or three many years later an unnamed English bookmaker began taking bets at Read more...

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